Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The best of posts, the worst of posts

As I'm sure is the case with all PC volunteers, sometimes I love my post, and sometimes I....don't.  My sentiments are constantly in flux.  Since I walk all everywhere in Kandi, I've seen, I would venture to say, 99% of it, the pretty and the not so pretty parts.  So today, I've included some photos of my favorite and least favorite parts of town.

Let's start with my least favorites.  We can only go up from here, people.

Along the highway and between the market and the hospital, is this loveliness.  It's a little difficult to see, but this canal doubles as rain and waste management collection.  Mostly waste, though, and waste of all kinds (use your imagination).  There is an empty lot, of sorts, to the right, where women pull well water and livestock and barefoot kids roam around.  FYI, the pillars in the background are the Grand Mosque.

This is trash problem that I also pass every day.  Ducks are fond of wading around in it.

And now for my favorite place, a big expanse of vacant land (nature!), where I like to run.  I rarely run into anyone out here.  I'm not sure what this abandoned building is or what used to exist here, but it's a little eerie, and I love it.  Also, behold my favorite baobab tree in Kandi.

Alrighty, everyone.  Toodles for now.  I'm off to pack up for a bike tour in the Donga region, where we'll be giving talks on malaria prevention and household budgeting.  Disparate topics, yes, but it should be an adventure.

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